1. Checking out some David Rathman working proofs at Highpoint Center for Printmaking with Master Printer Cole Rogers!

  2. Making the rounds on my printshop pilgrimage! 

  3. Highpoint Center for Printmaking's beautiful light filled space. Even in the dead of winter! Note the litho exhaust hoods that get pulled out of the way when not in use. Minneapolis is lucky to have such a great place!  

  4. Catching Ghosts - Diane Victor (by Thomas Mills)

  7. (Source: weissesrauschen, via dellpesce)

  8. cablestotheace:

    French School, 17th Century, Grotteschi

    Collection of 26 engravings. Each approximately 110x77 mm; 4 3/8x3 inches, narrow margins. Superb impressions of these extremely scarce engravings.

    (via dellpesce)

  9. printededitions:

    After Hendrik Goltzius | Couple Serenaded by Death | R. E. Lewis & Daughter (IFPDA)


  10. kmichalak:

    4 of the 11 lithographs from the Gauguin’s portfolio The Volpini Suite

    and yes, the paper is that yellow

  14. Koloman Moser, sketch for Jugendschatz, 1897 
    (via Kling Klang Gloria: Vintage Children’s Books from Austria - 50 Watts)