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  5. Kurt Schwitters, Elements of Visual Thinking

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    The capture of Constantinople by the armies of the Fourth Crusade was one of the most remarkable episodes in medieval history. One of their number wrote, ‘No history could ever relate marvels greater than those as far as the fortunes of war are concerned’. On April 12th, 1204, an army of perhaps 20,000 men and a fleet of about 200 ships crewed by Venetian sailors and warriors, broke in and began to loot the greatest metropolis in the Christian world. Constantinople’s mighty walls had resisted numerous onslaughts as the Avars, Persians and Arabs had tried to assail its defences over the centuries. Yet always ‘the queen of cities’, as the Byzantines described their capital, had survived. via

    Jean Jacques Frilley (French, 1797‑1850)

    After Eugène Delacroix (French, 1798‑1863)

    The Taking of Constantinople by the Crusaders, 1840s

    Etching and engraving

    The Baltimore Museum of Art: Garrett Collection, BMA 1946.112.11760

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    "Fish Here, Get Your Fish!"

    Just a few weeks ago when autumn seemed a million days away, Brooklyn played host to the Renegade Craft Fair.  If you were one of the many walking through the maze of artisan booths you might have stumbled upon what at first glance looked like the world’s only odorless fish market.

    Fake fish on fake ice and her real dog Sheila.

    Nic Annette Miller, a print maker from Utah now based out of Brooklyn, set up shop with her new series of seafood woodcut sculpture prints— Campbell’s Coho Salmon, Ayres’ Largemouth Bass, Hayley’s Halibut, and Sebastian’s Shrimp.

    Nic has been creating hand printed animal sculptures for some years now.  Her process in handcrafting begins with researching her latest choice of species, then hand carving her desired image on wood.  She then produces a series of prints, all slightly different from the one before, and adheres them to a slab of wood before cutting out each individual print and adding watercolor accents.

    Other sculpture prints by Nic include blue birds, black birds, robins, buffalo, bear, deer, moose, elk, and… Chewbacca.

    These woodcut sculpture prints and other work by Nic Annette Miller can be viewed on her website: http://www.nicannettemiller.com/

    Follow her on Instagram @Nicamiller to catch her exciting posts of new work.

    And in case you missed the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, do not fret!  The Manhattan Renegade Craft Fair (which is free to also attend) will take place November 15 + 16 at the Metropolitan Pavilion.  You can find more information about the fair and its other locations by clicking HERE.

    -Becca Gore

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    Claude Monet in 1923

    Colourized Photos

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    These ladies have muscles on muscles on muscles.

    Jan Harmensz Muller (Dutch, 1571‑1628)

    After Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem (Dutch, 1562‑1638)

    The Three Fates, c. 1600


    The Baltimore Museum of Art: Garrett Collection, BMA 1984.81.2701