1. Rule 8 is one I hold close


    (via 10 Rules for Students and Teachers (and Life) by John Cage and Sister Corita Kent | Brain Pickings)

    Buried in various corners of the web is a beautiful and poignant list titled Some Rules for Students and Teachers, attributed to John Cage, who passed away twenty years ago this week. The list, however, originates from celebrated artist and educator Sister Corita Kent and was created as part of a project for a class she taught in 1967-1968. It was subsequently appropriated as the official art department rules at the college of LA’s Immaculate Heart Convent, her alma mater, but was commonly popularized by Cage, whom the tenth rule cites directly.
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    I love this list. There is only MAKE.
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    Buried in various corners of the web is a beautiful and poignant list titled Some Rules for Students and Teachers,...
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